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Acnes Hydrating Soothing Toner | 120 ml |


Description of product

To get an all new soothing and refreshed feeling on your skin, all you gotta do is buy the Acnes Hydrating Soothing Toner enriched with IMP and Antioxidant White Tea Extract, Lightning and soothing Mulethi extract. Not only does this reduce scars, tighten pores but also cure skin irritations.
  Clears and prevents Acne
  Hydrates Skin
  Soothes Your Skin
  Provides Refreshing Feeling
  Removes and hides scars on skin
  Tightens pores so that the dirt and dust don't find their way in
  Cures Skin irritations
 How To Use:
  Wash your face with water
  Dry your face using a wet towel
  Pour a few drops of the toner on your cotton pad
  Apply the toner on your face and neck using the cotton pad
  Tap and apply the toner
  Apply the toner daily in the mornings and nights after washing your face.

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