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Acnes Mentho-Cool Pimple Defence Face Wash

Acnes Mentho-Cool Pimple Defence Face Wash


Quantity: 50 gm 100 gm

Description of product

Not only does the Acnes Mentho-Cool Pimple Defence Face Wash kill the pimple causing germs. But alongside absorbs the excess oil, conditions skin and provides a cool refreshing sensation after use.
  Cools down the skin and controls the heat
  The face wash has oil absorbing ingredients that control the excess oil and condition the skin
  Clears pimples and avoids the possibility of reappearance by killing the pimple causing germs
  Developed using Japanese technology that prevents pimples by cooling down the skin and making it oil free
 How To Use:
  Moisten your face and palms
  Squeeze a little face wash gel into your palms
  Then massage your face and neck avoiding your eye areas
  Do this for 30-45 seconds
  Wash the soap off your face using water
  Do this daily for best results.

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