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Acnes Treatment Point Gel | 10 gm |

Acnes Treatment Point Gel | 10 gm |


Description of product

The anti-acne ingredients. oil absorbing ingredients and extracts of white tea with Vitamin E combined together in the Acnes Treatment Point Gel helps you to get rid of the acne creating germs, exfoliates the dead skin cells and removes the excess oil from the skin.
  Combats the acne creating germs
  Removes the excess oil from your skin
  Extracts the excessive sebum
  Repairs the skin
  Makes the skin soft and supple
 How To Use:
  After you have rinsed your face using the Acnes Face Wash and Acnes Soothing Hydrating Toner, apply a thin layer of the gel directly over your acne
  For better results make sure to use it twice a day.

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