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Acnes Whitening Clarifying Face Wash

Acnes Whitening Clarifying Face Wash


Description of product

The Acnes Whitening Clarifying Face Wash Is suitable for all kinds of skin types. This face wash exfoliates the skin, polishes the skin to make it look fairer and refines its texture to make it smoother. It washes away the dirt, dust and oil over the skin while leaving the natural moisture content of the skin unaffected.
  Prevents the skin from getting dark spots and acne marks
  Makes your skin feel soft and supple
  Brings smoothness to the skin and whitens the skin tone
  Suitable for all types of skin
 How To Use:
  Moisten your face and palms
  Squeeze a little face wash gel into your palms
  Then massage your face and neck avoiding your eye areas
  Do this for 30-45 seconds
  Wash the soap off your face using water
  Pat dry your skin using a dry towel
  Do this daily for best results.

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