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Beardo Activated Charcoal Bodywash | 200ml

Beardo Activated Charcoal Bodywash | 200ml


Description of product

 Refresh your body for the day
 Everyday we rub our shoulders with dirt and pollution which leaves us down with enormous fatigue and laziness at the end of the day. Beardo has come up with an all new bodywash that contains Activated Charcoal that cleanses your skin thoroughly and recharges your for the day. The Aloe vera extracts and Glycerine soothe and moisturize the body leaving it fresh and clean for the entire day. So get Beardo Activated Charcoal Bodywash and reactivate your body for the day!
 Inside Out: Why So Effective?
 Excellent cleanser & toner
 Great skin moisturizer
 Cures itchy skin
 Removes blackheads
 Activated CharcoalP
 Removes dirt & oil
 Cleanses skin pores
 Removes toxins
 Fights body odor
 Aloe Vera for Skin:
 Hydrates skin
 Fights ageing
 Reduces acne
 Renders healthy glow
 How to use?
 Wet your body with water.
Take the required amount of Bodywash on the loofah.
 Apply it all over the body and lather up.
 Wash away with clean water thoroughly.

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