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Beardo Beard & Hair Growth Oil | 50ml


Description of product

If how to make beard grow is a question that keeps bugging you, Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil is the answer you’re looking for! No matter how tough you are, your beard and hair always need some tender love and care! 
 Inside Out: Why So Effective?
  Keeps hair healthyFights dandruff
  Soothes an itchy scalp
  Sooths scalp skin
  Nourishes from insideNo premature graying
  Rejuvenates roots
  Promotes hair growth
  Faster blood circulationPrevents breakage
  Rejuvenates follicles
  Faster growth
  Combats hair fallAdds a healthy luster
  Softer, stronger hair
  Prevents split ends
 How to use?
  Pour a generous number of drops of the oil on your palms. Make sure you don’t overdo it! Excess of anything is harmful!
  Run your hands through your beard and hair while massaging your scalp and skin. Rid your brain of all worries!
  Leave the oil overnight and dream happy beard dreams! Use a towel on your pillow if you are worried about stains!
  Wash your hair next morning and style as you want! Beardo Beard Oil helps your hair grow faster – naturally!

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