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Beardo De-Tan Face Scrub | 100gm

Beardo De-Tan Face Scrub | 100gm


Description of product

 Inside Out: Why So Effective?
 Coffee Powder:
  Natural exfoliator
 Packed with antioxidants
 Reduces inflammation
 Brightens skin
  Sugar Mix:
 Clears skin
 Unclogs the pores
 Tightens skin
 Lightens skin tone
 Coffee Oil:
  Reduces dark spots
 Treats stretch marks
 Cellulite remedy
 Prevents Acne
 Almond Oil:
  Smoothens and softens skin
 Natural moisturizer
 Anti-ageing agent
 Renders healthy glow
 How to use? 
 Apply some
  Take a small amount of Beardo Caffeine Face Scrub and spread it all over your wet face.
 Gently massage and the scrub in circular motion to remove the dirt, dust particles and grease settled on your skin.
  Rinse the scrub off along with the dull and dead skin. Enjoy the refreshed, renewed, youthful skin


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