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Beardo Godfather Beard oil | 30ml

Beardo Godfather Beard oil | 30ml


Description of product

Inside Out: Why So Effective?
Almond Oil
 Active moisturizer
 Reduces inflammation
 Prevents skin infection
 Softens the skin
 Olive Oil

Cures cuts & scars
 Soothes cracked skin
 Treats dryness & itchiness
 Removes dead skin
 Aloe vera
 A natural conditioner
 Fights dead skin
 Provides elasticity to hair
 Prevents breakage
 How to use?
 Test it

Make sure you are not allergic to the oil. Take some drops on your wrist, apply a little amount and check for any dryness or redness. If not, go ahead, you’re all set!
  Use it or Mix it up!
 You can use it clean and concentrated if there are no allergies. Or you can even use it by mixing with the water.
 Splash it out
 All good with the test? Pour out some drops on your hand and rub it softly between your hands to help spread it evenly on your beard hair
 Spread it in
 Make your beard feel loved by regularly taking care of it with Beardo Godfather Beard Oil! Regular use of natural beard products will help you achieve a healthy looking beard!

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