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Beardo Hair Serum | 50ml

Beardo Hair Serum | 50ml


Description of product

 Inside Out: Why So Effective?
 Argan Oil
 Beneficial for skin and hair
 Boosts hair growth
 Smoothens wrinkles & texture
 Prevents premature greying
 Almond Oil
 Active moisturizer
 Reduces inflammation
 Prevents skin infection
 Softens the skin
 How to use?
 Take Some
 Let the serum out on to the palms of your hands. Make sure you dilute it appropriately as needed.
 Apply It
 Run your hands through the hair on your head as well as your beard. Get to the bottom of it!
 Massage It
 Massage the areas you have applied the serum to. Make sure you get the blood flowing
 Onward Glory!
 Use the Beardo Compact Seesham Wooden Comb to set the hair in any style you prefer and walk out looking glorious!

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