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Beardo Strong Hold Hair Spray For Men | 180ml

Beardo Strong Hold Hair Spray For Men | 180ml


Description of product

How to use?
  Hold the spray nozzle at least 30 cm away from your hair.
  Spray it all over your hair and spread it using your fingers.
  Style your hair as you wish using your fingers or comb
  Allow the spray to dry. You are good to go!
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Can we use it on wet hair?
 Yes, this product can be used on wet hair as well as dry hair.
 Can this be used every day?
 Yes, Beardo Hairspray is completely safe to use every day for styling.
 Can this be used by women?
 Yes, there’s no harm if women use it too!
 Does is make hair stiff and sticky?
 Beardo Hairspray will give your hair a hold but won’t make them sticky.

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