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Biotique Bio Party Glow Facial Kit, 65 g

Biotique Bio Party Glow Facial Kit, 65 g


Description of product

 Gathering sparkle facial is a restoring and animating facial that will decongest the pores, light up the skin tone and cause skin to feel hydrated and invigorated, in this way in a split second giving gleam, sheen and splendor.
  This pack contains berberry chemical, papaya scour, dandelion serum, saffron youth dew cream, clove pack and swiss enchantment dim spot corrector
  Papaya is loaded with nutrients, minerals and photo chemical, can go about as an adolescent activator and normal shedding
  Biotique depends on 5000-year-old ayurvedic plans known to incorporate and praise body, brain and soul, mixing demonstrated ayurvedic treatments with the study of 21st century bio-innovation
  Naturally unadulterated and additive free, dermatologist tried for security, no creature testing.

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