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Biotique Bio Silver Facial Kit (65 g)

Biotique Bio Silver Facial Kit (65 g)


Description of product

 Silver is better known for its detoxify and purify properties. Silver facial not only restores the natural ph balance of the skin, but also clears the pores and deep cleanse to prevent the formation of blackheads while revives your skin by giving it the right amount of moisture and evens out skin tone, leaving the skin evidently supple and charming.
  This pack contains silver glow scrub, silver glow serum, silver glow gel, silver glow cream, silver glow and swiss magic dark spot corrector.
  Walnuts have been cultivated since the iron age, prized for their precious oil with many medicinal benefits to purify, smooth and brighten skin texture and tone gently and efficiently.
  Biotique is based on 5000-year-old ayurvedic recipes known to integrate and celebrate body, mind and spirit, blending proven ayurvedic therapies with the science of 21st century bio-technology.
  Organically pure and preservative free, dermatologist tested for safety, no animal testing.
 STEP 1: SILVER GLOW SCRUB:STEP Enriched with Neem and Rajat Bhasma that helps in exfoliating dead cells & impurities. Apply evenly on the face and leave it for 3 minutes and then with circular massage exfoliate the dead skin cell. Wipe the face and proceed for step 2.
 STEP 2: SILVER GLOW:Enriched with Rajat Bhasma & mulethi that helps to prevent black heads, polishes the skin and restore skin pH balance. Apply gel all over face, neck and décolleté area and massage for 10 minutes and proceed for step 3
 STEP 3: SILVER GLOW CREAM:Enriched with Rajat Bhasma and almond oil that nourishes the skin and gives luscious look. Apply cream all over face, neck and décolleté area and massage for 10 minutes and proceed for step 4
 STEP 4: SILVER GLOW PACK:Enriched with Rajat Bhasma, multani mitti and lemon extracts that help purify the skin, even out the skin tone and restore skin moisture level. Apply an even layer of mask all over the face, neck and décolleté area and leave it until dry. Wipe of with damp wash cloth and proceed for step 5.
 STEP 5: SILVER GLOW SERUM:Concentrated Serum enriched with botanical extract to provide instant glow to the skin. Apply the serum and penetrate while massaging
 STEP6: SWISS MAGIC DARK SPOT CORRECTOR :A concentrated formula with light melting fresh texture that helps to prevent and correct dark spots and signs of ageing while balancing the skin's tone and minimizes hyperpigmentation, while maintaining the extraordinarily uniformity, luminous and youthful skin. Apply Dark Spot Corrector to the specific area of concern. To maintain a healthy glowing skin it is very important to follow an AM/PM and weekly beauty regimen. As per skin type and concern use facewash, Toner, Serum, Day Protecting & Night repair creams and scrub twice a week.

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