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Biotique Bio White Orchid Skin Whitening Skin Lotion, 200 ml


Description of product

Enriched with delicate extracts of White Orchid, Coconut and Almond, this ultimate turnover Body Lotion is a path breaking innovation in skin lightening with antioxidants, multivitamins and beauty enzymes to give you a fairer, radiant and illuminated skin. Its advanced Botanical extracts help to lighten and brighten the skin and also removes tan with regular usage.
  Infused with the  extracts of White Orchid, Coconut and Almond
  Help in skin whitening
  Gives you a fairer and radiant look
  Removes the tan from the skin with regular use
 How To Use:
  Wash your face with water and pat dry
  Apply the lotion on your body
  Massage well until the skin has well absorbed the lotion
 Ingredients: almond seed oil, orchid seed oil extract, masoor seed extract, mudga seed extract, narikela seed oil, lotion base-Q.S

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