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Biotique Clove & Tulsi Complete Care Toothpaste | 140gm |


Description of product

Biotique Clove and Tulsi Complete Care Toothpaste. Biotique presents Bio Micro Clove Action Toothpaste that takes total consideration of your oral wellbeing. This clove-rich cream toothpaste is 100% unadulterated and common Ayurvedic treatment for your teeth. It adequately brightens, cleans and expel stains from teeth.
  100% characteristic and Ayurvedic clove oil toothpaste for sound gum and solid teeth
  Washes down, brightens and reinforces teeth normally
  Controls tartar develop, forestalls hole and spruces up breath
  Clove oil helps alleviation in gum draining and affectability and helps expel stains
  Naturally unadulterated and additive free recipe
  With 100% common botanicals, Biotique scope of items are sans mercilessness and liberated from synthetic concoctions and additives
  Accessible in natural inviting and recyclable bundling
  Dermatologist tried for wellbeing
 How To Use:
  Apply to perfect, wet toothbrush and brush teeth altogether, especially after every supper or if nothing else two times every day. flush well. Try not to swallow. Manage kids younger than 6 years.

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