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Description of product

It's not easy being a serum. You've got to hydrate, pack in superstar ingredients in large amounts (with personalities of their own), absorb nicely on the skin, do your job, and be barely noticeable. This instant-absorbing Plum Bright Years Cell Renewal Serum combines plant stem cell extracts that promote skin renewal, all-natural wrinkle fighters, hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin tightening sesame protein, besides loads of other do-gooders - all designed to keep your skin 'bright years' ahead!
  Removes the dead cells
  Renews your skin
  Reduces ageing effects
  Tightens your skins
 How To Use:
  Start with a slightly moist skin, right after cleansing and toning.
  Apply tiny dots all over your face - a little is enough.
  With short, quick strokes, apply the serum with your fingertips.
  While your face is still wet with the serum, tap lightly with fingertips to allow the serum to sink in better.
  Wait 3 minutes or more for your skin to absorb the goodness.
  Always follow with a moisturizer.
  Can be used day and night.
  Plant stem cell extracts: Stem cells in your skin are the 'originals' that eventually become your skin. The patented plant stem cell extracts used in Bright Years age specialists are clinically proven to increase the vitality of skin stem cells, eventually leading to reduced visible effects of ageing on skin.
  Natural wrinkle-fighting actives: The natural anti-wrinkle actives used in this serum are isolated from hawkweed and daisy. Rich in natural amino acids, they are proven to boost skin vitality, smoothens out fine lines and help reduce the appearance of age spots.

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