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Dove Beauty Moisture facial cleanser Face Wash  | 50 g |

Dove Beauty Moisture facial cleanser Face Wash | 50 g |


Description of product

Subsequent to washing face, skin feels good not tight. Pigeon Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser is an alternate sort of chemical. We don't simply take out. We set back supplements and dampness as well. While purging, our Nutrium Moisture TM Beauty Serum sinks into the various degrees of your skin to feed it and recharge your skin common dampness. So you are left spotless, flexible and restored. Prompts delicate, smooth, progressively agreeable skin with each wash no more dryness and snugness.
  Appropriate for typical, delicate or dry skin.
  Successfully washes down skin while recharging dampness for wonderfully delicate and smooth skin.
  Makes skin milder, smoother and progressively flexible.
  Bird's saturating facial froth that deals with your skin each day.
  Improved with Nutrium Moisture TM Beauty Serum* to sustain your skin profoundly.
  With characteristic white flower scent, assist you with cleaning face feeling lovely.
 How To Use:
 Take a small amount & lather in your hands
 Gently massage on your wet face & neck & then rinse thoroughly.
 Use twice daily for best results.

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