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F&W Gold Ultimate Brightening Cream with AHA | 75gm


Description of product

This non-Hydroquinone, carefully fragranced, saturating alpha hydroxy corrosive cream, adequately assists with stripping endlessly dead skin cells, lessen the indications of maturing, for example, dull spots, scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles, and readies your skin to proficiently ingest actives from our exceptional Gold Ultimate skincare line. It establishes the framework for a gentler, more brilliant and increasingly brilliant you!Disentangle your skin's internal brilliance with this Fair and White Brightening Cream with AHA. In the same class as the best lighting up cream in India, this AHA cream is improved with shedding AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which are in reality natural product acids that address defects in the skin. The AHA Glycolic Acid is a fantastic peeling for skin and takes into account brisk and effective assimilation of helping and lighting up actives into the skin. After you have accomplished your helping results with increasingly forceful helping fixings, this brightening and lighting up cream ought to be utilized routinely to keep up even conditioned outcomes and uncover your actual brilliance.
  Lighting up Cream with AHA is improved with shedding AHA or natural product determined Alpha Hydroxy Acids to address defects in the skin
  Superb shedding properties takes into account fast assimilation of lighting up actives into the skin
  Can be utilized routinely to uncover internal brilliance and keep up even conditioned outcomes
  Gently fragranced cream with saturating benefits, helps make your skin reasonable and brilliant
 How To Use:
 Apply generously after your routine of purifying with our Papaya Brightening Cleanser and pat dry. Tone with our without alcohol Facial Toner before you apply Fair and White Brightening Cream. Fitting to stay away from the zone around the eyes.

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