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Gatsby Hair Styling Fiber Wax Bold & Rise 75 g Hair Wax | 75 g |


Description of product

Product description:
 Gatsby Hair Styling Fiber Wax Bold and Rise makes high quiff with high volume and an enduring hold impact. Presently your style your hair to your profound longing and have confidence as this hair wax won't harden up your hair.
  Novel fiber-like hair styling wax that lets you style your hair effortlessly.
  Its solid hold equation permits you to shape and shape hair into the ideal style.
  Styles the hair without solidness and tenacity
 How To Use:
 To make more volume, GATSBY suggests Air Rise. First spread item into hands, at that point apply tenderly with your fingers to the center and external bits of your hair in an upward movement towards the tips. Don't over-apply or apply to the roots. Turn hair into groups on the sides of your head concentrating on the tips.

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