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L'oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Primrose oil | 125ml


Description of product

Product description:
 Glossy, reasonable hair is the thing that you'll get with this basic serum L'Oreal Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil. It battles frizz and makes hair sensible and controlled. This serum contains Reflexium that covers hair with light film that is water dissolvable, making your hair look great without burdening it. This serum carries extreme sparkle and perfection to the hair.
  Smoothness and adds try to please hair.
  Utilize this as a molding serum to keep your hair delicate and sans frizz.
  Get thicker and glossier hair by utilizing this serum.
  Covering each strand, this hair serum guarantees a cleaned finish.
  Perfect for thick and insubordinate hair.
  Has a stunning, inconspicuous aroma.
 How To Use:
  Apply a couple of drops of the item after towel drying your hair.
  Style routinely.
  Can be applied on dry hair too.

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