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Lakmé Absolute Shine Liquid Eye Liner, Black, | 4.5ml |

Lakmé Absolute Shine Liquid Eye Liner, Black, | 4.5ml |


Description of product

Stylish and fashionable, this Absolute Shine Line from Lakme leaves your eyes stunning. Made with a water-based formula, this eyeliner is easy to apply and gives a rich, intense color. This eyeliner works magic in just one stroke and it stays on your eyes for many hours without smudging to keep your glamorous look intact. The sleek, round cap of the bottle gives you a comfortable grip making it convenient to apply. The lightweight bottle is perfect to carry in your handbag for a quick touch whenever you want! Get the Absolute Shine Line in Brown Shimmer, now! Three lustrous shades that give you high definition eye lines that lasts for hours.
  Water-based formula that glides on smoothly, giving a glossy texture.
  It ensures you make a statement with minimal use. A single stroke is all it takes
 Aqua, Triethanolamine, Xanthan Gum
 How To Use:
  Dip the brush into the bottle
  Start gliding the brush inwards out
  Lighten or darken the line according to your wish

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