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Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Rich Oil | 100 ml |


Description of product

 The oil comes in a transparent colored bottle which is a see-through one. It has a gold cap and the cap is pretty tight; the oil doesn’t leak at all. The bottle is small in size and handy too. It has an entire range of oil, shampoo and conditioner, so you can get all the benefits from this range.
 Talking about the quantity, I have shoulder length hair and I think I can use it for maximum 6-7 times. That is pretty low for an oil. But I will buy it again because the price is low.
  The oil is very light weight and does not feel heavy, sticky or greasy on the scalp
  The fragrance is a calming perfumed one
  It leaves hair immensely soft, silky and smooth
  It makes hair more manageable with time and use
  It smoothens out split ends
 Helps to maintain the health of the hair and hair always look healthy. It enhance hair color.

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