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NIVEA Body Lotion - Oil in Lotion Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil


Description of product

Enjoy the integrity of normal oils in a quick retaining cream with the new NIVEA Oil in Lotion Cherry Blossom and Jojoba Oil Body Lotion. The valuable regular fixings and caring oils are mixed into a one of a kind moisturizer that gets immediately retained into the skin. The regular oils give you saturated skin for as long as 24 hours with a flower cherry bloom scent.
  Enduring moisturisation: The equation enhanced with normal oils gives you saturated skin for as long as 24 hours
  Brisk retaining equation: The Jojoba oil is deliberately mixed in a quick engrossing moisturizer
  Sensitive scent: The remarkable salve has a satisfying flower aroma of cherry blooms
 How To Use:
  Administer the body moisturizer into the palm of your hand.
  Tenderly back rub the cream onto your skin.
  Apply uniformly everywhere throughout the body.
  Utilize day by day to give your skin the ideal outcomes.

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