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NIVEA Face Wash, Milk Delights Moisturizing Honey, Dry Skin | 100ml |


Description of product

Advanced with hydrating intensity of nectar and milk. NIVEA Milk Delights with Moisturizing Honey gives day long moisturisation to destroy that feels youthful and from within. The milk goes about as a characteristic chemical while the nectar supports your skin strongly helping your skin look and feel more beneficial step by step.
  Milk based face wash: Milk helps in normally purifying the skin while making it smooth and delicate
  Reasonable for dry skin: Honey goes about as a characteristic cream, feeding your dry skin
  Nectar for delicate and flexible skin: Milk and nectar give you delicate and stout skin after some time that looks and feels invigorated
  Keeps up skin dampness balance: The face wash adequately purifies your skin, giving you moment moisturization that endures as the day progressed
 How To Use:
  Shake a long time before use.
  Soak your face and neck. Apply delicately.
  Apply delicately.
  Flush completely with water.

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