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Nivea Fresh Active Original 48 Hours Deodorant For Men, 150ml (Pack Of 2)


Description of product

Nivea men new dynamic unique, an antiperspirant for men that keeps you feeling new, throughout the day long.a taxing day needs enduring newness. Here's a men's deo that helps keep the newness, the smooth man's balance, and certainty flawless throughout the day long.designed with an extraordinary equation improved with sea separates, this antiperspirant requests to the faculties, yet in addition holds stench in line for all your day by day thorough tasks.enjoy an antiperspirant for men that has a new manly scent, just as the ideal blend of dependable antiperspirant security and Nivea men care complex. Since this body shower for men realizes that incredible things start with you.Nivea men new dynamic unique antiperspirant for men is dermatologically demonstrated to be skin open minded. It thinks about your underarm skin while giving you insurance against stench throughout the day the ideal deo for men, which gives durable newness and personal stench assurance, so you can make the most of your taxing day with preeminent certainty and enthusiasm.
  Durable reviving aroma and crisp inclination
  Skin Compatibility dermatologically affirmed
 How To Use:
  Hold the can 15 cm away from underarm.
  Splash straightforwardly on underarms and over body, keeping away from broken/disturbed skin.
  Apply on skin every day for better outcomes.

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