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NIVEA MEN Deodorant, Sprint Deodorizer | 120ml |


Description of product

The NIVEA MEN Deodorant, Sprint Deodorizer is for men who want an odor free day with just one use. A gas-free deodorising formula which is concentrated, yet skin friendly. It not only helps control the formation of body odor but also gives you a feeling of freshness to sprint through the day. A body spray for men that keeps poise and freshness intact. This men’s deodorant has an oriental masculine scent that revives your senses and lets you smell good
  Day Long Body Odor Control
  Masculine scent
  Refreshing feel
 How to use:
  Shake the bottle well to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed.
  Keep the bottle about 15cm away from your body and spray

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