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RICHFEEL Anti Blemish Cream 50 gm

RICHFEEL Anti Blemish Cream 50 gm

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Description of product

We finally have a grown-up solution to blemishes. An anti-blemish cream with a fast acting serum that reveals a clearer, smoother, and fresher skin. It effectively targets, treats, and dramatically reduces blemishes. It controls the blemish cycle, by not only reducing the existing blemishes but also by preventing new ones from occurring. Rich feel anti-blemish cream has natural bearberries aqua folium and calendula extracts. These extracts are highly beneficial in fighting against the appearance of acne marks, pigmentation, blemishes and dark-circles. It acts as a guard against blemishes, therefore giving you a velvety smooth and even toned skin. What causes blemishes? Your pores can clog dead skin cells and sebum, natural skin oil. When these clogs occur on the topmost layer of the skin, they result in black and whiteheads. Excess oil production can increase your chance of developing a clogged pore. Because there is so much extra oil produced, some of it backs up in the pores and blemishes are formed. Why use anti blemish cream? Natural and light on skin lightens and brightens the skin reduces skin pigmentation relieves dark circles minimizes fine lines and signs of ageing.

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