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Richfeel Calendula Soap for Acne | 75g

Richfeel Calendula Soap for Acne | 75g


Description of product

 Feel the supple caress of the non-dehydrating Richfeel  calendula acne soap as its time-tested, local and potent antiseptic formula clears acne and leaves the skin smooth and glowing.  Moisturizes dry cracked skin removes scars anti-fungal antiseptic speeds the healing process counteracts age related skin thinning calendula is an emollient and can help to moisturize dry skin.  It nourish the skin. Its antiseptic and antiviral properties make it an excellent solution to clear and prevent acne.
  The anti-bacterial properties of Calendula flowers are very effective in treating Acne-prone skin.
  thoroughly removes impurities & visibly reduces excess oil on the skin’s
  Leaves skin looking balanced and toned.
 It moisturizes dry cracked skin removes scars anti- fungal antiseptic. It nourishes the skin and prevent your skin.

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