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Richfeel Moisturiser | 100ml


Description of product

 Hydrate your skin - make it soft, smooth and more radiant with Richfeel Moisturizer. For best results, use Richfeel Cleanser followed by Toner & Moisturizer (CTM-Skin Regime). Apply the moisturizer with your fingertips all over the face or body & massage in a circular motion. Stay moisturized, daily. For best results, clean skin with Richfeel Cleanser, followed by Toner. Complete the skin care by applying Richfeel Moisturizer. Available in 100 ml and 500 ml.
  Richfeel moisturizer hydrates your sk
  Gives you soft, smooth and radiant skin
  Skin feels nourished and healthy
  Excellent for normal to dry skin
 Apply it with your fingertips all over the face and stay moisturized.

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