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Richfeel Vitamin E++ Skin Oil | 100ml

Richfeel Vitamin E++ Skin Oil | 100ml


Description of product

Richfeel Vitamin E++ Skin Oil is a special formulation for stretch marks. It helps in lightening the stretch marks making the skin smooth & supple. Richfeel is widely known to produce an entire personal care product range encompassing face wash and soaps, hair and skin oils, gels, massage creams, facial creams, skin packs & peels, and lotions for complete body care. Why does stretch mark appear? Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched to an extent that the middle layer of the skin, actually tears. Apart from stretching, dry, itchy skin and poor hydration can also cause stretch marks on the skin. How to get stretch marks free skin? Richfeel Vitamin E++ Oil is an organic oil formula, which when applied to the skin increases the levels of nutrients in the skin tissue. This oil is made with an organic combination of essential oils such as wheat germ oil, almond oil, walnut oil, carrot seed oil and castor oil. These constituents make the skin light and non-greasy, in such a way that the real and natural goodness in the oils could get easily absorbed. How is Vitamin E beneficial to skin? Vitamin E is an excellent oil-soluble nutrient and is considerably heavier than other water-soluble skin care products. Early application of the oil is the best way to avoid stretch marks on your dermis. It works best on a dry and damaged skin. It helps in restoring the lost moisture from the skin which makes it effective in fighting skin aging and dehydration.
  Acts as a great moisturizer
  Removes dirt impurities from the skin
  Soothes skin burns and sunburns
  Visibly reduces stretchmarks
  Suitable for all skin types
 It soothes skin burns and sunburns. This product make the skin light and non- greasy. You will be satisfied with the product. Most important it is suitable for all type of skin.

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