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Roots Brown Comb No. 120A


Description of product

The Roots Brown Combs are made from cellulose (plant-based extract) acetate, which helps cut down on static resulting in lesser frizz and flyaway. This material also makes these combs hypoallergenic which means they are skin friendly and will not cause any form of allergy on any skin type. Moreover, the combs are seamless, which means they have smoothened and rounded tips that massage the scalp and stimulate the natural oils and smoothened teeth edges to prevent scraping of the hair cuticles and scalp while styling dry or wet hair. Watch the hair behave and stay in place as you witness a comfortable and irritation-free hair combing experience, with every stroke.
   It comes with smoothened tips and edges and has a glossy finish.
   With the help of smooth tips, massage the scalp for healthy blood circulation.
   Maintains the smoothness of the cuticles of your hair.
 Directly use for hair styling.

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