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Roots Brush No. 9553

Roots Brush No. 9553


Description of product

 This Brush Is A Classic All-Purpose Brush With Soft Tip Bristles. Its solid black color is all time favourite. Its Flexible Bristles Offer A Comfortable Brushing Experience Whereas The Soft Rounded Tips Prevent Scraping Of Scalp And Hair Cuticles. In Fact, They Massage The Scalp And Stimulate The Natural Hair Oils. Available In 2 Sizes – Small And Regular And In 3 Types – Paddle, All-Purpose And Round.
 Always and only use a Roots comb and hair brush. Then watch your hair bounce back to life. All our paddle/oval brushes have a hole in the cushion which acts as an air vent. This helps us to get a gentle brushing experience. There is no defect in the brush, and is a part of the design. You can even refer to the image on the product page for confirmation.
  All purpose brush
  Flexible bristles
  sturdy body
 Always try to use this type of product because it is roots comb hair brush which is easy to use in your hair and also prevent your scalp. Overall the quality is good.

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