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Roots Callus Remover (PF1)

Roots Callus Remover (PF1)


Description of product

Have you stopped wearing sandals because you're embarrassed to show your cracked heals and dried up skin on your feet? Well, you no longer need to hide them. All you need is the Roots Callus Remover (PF1) that removes the tough skin without compromising on quality. It has a good grip that makes the cleaning process more comfortable. It works on your dried skin and callus to give you soft, smooth and even texture to your skin.
  Foot filing and callus removal
  Suitable for dry feet
  Light weight that allows you to easily clean your feet
  For better results, apply some moisturizer to maintain the softness.
 How To Use:
  Wash your feet well with soap and warm water
  Dry your feet and wait for about 5 minutes and make sure your feet are completely dry.
  Gently glide your remover over the rough part with a steady hand and light pressure
  This would be cutting off thin layer of your callous
  Repeat if necessary until callous is thinner.

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