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Shahnaz Husain Softening Skin Wash


Description of product

A blend of natural ingredients, the skin softening face wash is ideal for mild cleansing both face and body. The skin wash keeps the skin clean, fresh, soft, supple and moisturized. The Shahnaz Husain's Softening skin wash contains special combination of mild cleansers with extracts of Almond and Turmeric that leaves the skin soft, supple and moisturized. The formulation lifts the impurities gently without, disturbing the normal oil-moisture balance, ensuring clear, hydrated skin.
  Softens your face and body
  Contains almonds and tumeric extracts
  Keeps the skin, soft, supple and moisturized.
 How To Use:
 Apply on face and body, working up a gentle lather. Wash off with plenty of plain water.

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