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Shalife Plus Complete Skin Care & Revival Program (Min Kit)


Description of product


SHALIFE PLUS SKIN NOURISHING PROGRAM: Enhanced by precious plant ingredients and specialized techniques, luxurious formula for normal to dry skin
  Ultimate in skin nourishment.
  Has built-in emollient system, enriched with natural anti-oxidants
  It strengthens the supportive tissues and improves skin elasticity.
  Designed to porcelain the skin, it improves moisture content and vitality
  Gives the skin a smooth youthful texture and radiant glow.
  SHALIFE PLUS REJUVENATING MASK: The rejuvenating mask is reinforced with powerful plant extracts
  The formulation is designed to protect the skin's youthful properties and delay the visible signs of ageing.
  It contains extracts of vetiver, rose and lentils
  Helps to tone, tighten and purify the skin

Directions to Use:
 SHALIFE PLUS SKIN NOURISHING PROGRAM: Apply on the face and massage on the skin with a few drops of water for three to five minutes, using outward and slightly upward strokes. Wipe off with moist cotton wool. SHALIFE PLUS REJUVENATING MASK: Apply on the face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes. When it dries, moisten with milk and then wash off with water.

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