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Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion | 200ml


Description of product

Consistently, your skin is presented to harming natural elements like outrageous temperatures, low moistness, brutal chemicals, and heated water. Vaseline Intensive consideration Deep Restore Body Lotion is intended to infiltrate the peripheral layer of the skin to help mend dry skin for significant stretches of time, not simply to give impermanent, shallow alleviation. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion is figured with glycerine, to reestablish dampness to the skin, and micro droplets of Vaseline jam, which is powerful in securing dampness skin. Its profoundly saturating recipe gives powerful, dependable moisturization. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion conveys quick engrossing dampness to give you profoundly saturated, sound skin. Clinically demonstrated to reestablish dry skin. Vaseline Deep Restore Lotion is a non-oily body moisturizer which profoundly saturates your dry skin.
  Injected with Vaseline jam, this Deep reestablish cream significantly increases skin's dampness level and keeps it saturated day long
  Retains quick for a non-oily feel leaving your skin sound, sparkling and smooth
  Leaves your skin profoundly saturated and looking discernibly more advantageous
  Gives a dependable non-oily feel
  Clinically demonstrated to help mend dry skin
 How To Use:
 Utilize this medicine normally to get the most profit by it. Most lotions need water to function admirably. Apply the item in the wake of washing/showering while the skin is as yet soggy. For dry skin, your primary care physician may educate you to drench the territory before utilizing the item.

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