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Beardo Neem Face Scrub | 100gm


Description of product

Are you frustrated with pimples and dry cells on your face? Don't worry. The Beardo Neem Face Scrub is what's going to fight against your pimples, dry skin and dead cells along side moisturizing your skin and preventing it from dryness.
  Dirt and dead cells removal
  Good for oily skin
  Fights against pimple causing germs
  Ensures skin moisturizing
  Effective Skin Soothing
 How to use:
  Clean your face with water
  It is better to cleanse your face with Beardo Neem Face Wash
  Apply the scrub and massage gently
  Avoid scrubbing and applying around the eyes and pimple zoned areas
  Wash off the scrub with water.
  Aloe Vera: Fights ageing and acne
  Neem extract: Healing properties for the skin
  Walnut Shell Powder: Removes Dead Cells and Dirt
  Almond Oil: Works as a Moisturizer and reduces skin infection

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