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Fair & White Intense Argan Oil Active Serum | 30ml


Description of product

Product description:
 Exceptional Argan Oil Active Serum is implanted with a one of a kind mix of supporting enemies of oxidants and safe helping properties. This lightweight serum figured with Argan Oil tends to lopsided skin tone and dull spots, and hormonal skin stains. This serum advances a general more beneficial and more brilliant composition and energetically suggested for sleek issue skin.
  Serious Argan Oil Active Serum
  Reestablishes lucidity and brilliance
  Helps and helps blur dim spots, lopsided skin tone
  Gives more attractive, smoother and more clear skin
  Has a lightweight recipe that ingests and dries rapidly
  Has key fixings like 1.9% Hydroquinone and Argan Oil
  Perfect for slick skin type
 How To Use:
  Apply extreme serum to purged skin, ideally around evening time.
  Let dry.
  Maintain a strategic distance from eye territory.
  Stay away from sun presentation and apply sunscreen day by day to keep up even skin tone.

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