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Plum Green Tea Clear Spot-Light Gel

Plum Green Tea Clear Spot-Light Gel


Description of product

Clear skin should be your right, not a daily fight! But tackling active acne and acne scars takes a lot.. Which is why this lovingly created spot specialist is loaded with 17 powerful botanical actives and lots of "good science", designed to have a safe go at acne at every stage of the process. It’s time to be spotlight ready, spotlessly! :)
  A multi-action formula that works on both active acne & acne scars
  Gets into action mode instantly
  A quick-absorbing clear gel formula that’s invisible upon application
  Loaded with powerful botanical actives to combat acne at every stage
  Marshmallow extract heals the scars to give you a brighter and even skin tone
  Neem extract to ensure your skin’s ready to charge on that skin lovin’ bacteria
  Gentle soothing and moisturizing properties of organically sourced aloe juice
  Witch hazel, a natural astringent, keeps a check on those breakouts and shrinks pores
 How To Use:
 After washing face, gently dab on affected areas. Allow to air dry. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before you hit the bed. Avoid using other skin care products post application for best results.

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