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Beardo Hair Growth Gel for Men | 50g

Beardo Hair Growth Gel for Men | 50g


Description of product

Don't you look at the TV celebrities and wish to have a hair and style like them? If you do, then you might just need Beardo's Hair Growth Gel for Men that moisturizes the hair, strengthens it and gives a soft hold for any hairstyle you wish to have.
  Hair Moisturizing
  Promotes Growth of Hair
  Styles Hair
  Prevention from Itching and Flakiness.
 How to use:
  Take some gel on your palms
  Rub it gently between them
  Then apply the gel on your hair making sure the gel reaches the scalp
  Style your hair as you wish and there! You're all ready to go.
  Rosemary: Hair Strengthening, Conditioning of the Roots
  Castor oil: Promotes Growth of Hair, Prevents the Hair from Ageing Prematurely

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