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Beardo Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo | 300ml


Description of product

 Inside Out: Why So Effective?
 Apple Cider Vinegar

 Tames rough and frizzy hair
 Removes dandruff
 Heals itchy scalp
Adds shine to your hair
 Almond Oil
 Repairs hair damage
 Heals scalp damage
 Soothes your skin
 Conditioning of hair

 Moisturizes and nourishes scalp
 Removes itchiness
 Prevents dandruff
 Removes frizz
 How to use?

 Take ample amount of ACV shampoo on your palm and apply liberally in your hair. 
 Work the shampoo into a rich lather in your hair for cleansing the scalp and hair.
  Massage your scalp thoroughly to clean the scalp and hair and remove dirt and dandruff.
  Rinse your hair thoroughly and dry it, to look ready for the world!

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