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Richfeel Scalp Cleanser

Richfeel Scalp Cleanser


Quantity: 100 ml 500 ml

Description of product

Richfeel Scalp Care Kit is a powerful formulation for Dandruff. Add Richfeel Hair Nourisher with Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil & apply on scalp as well as on hair. Do hair massage for 10-15 mins. Apply Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack on scalp section by section then apply on Hair shaft (Pack has to be used once in a week), keep it for 20 min, rinse with normal water. Apply Richfeel Arnica Shampoo on the scalp & rinse hair with lukewarm water. Apply Scalp Cleanser Shampoo on the hair & rinse hair with lukewarm water. This process has to be done twice in a week. Available in Big and Small Sizes.
  For clean, clear, healthy-looking skin down to the bottom of the pores.
  Penetrates deep into your skin and helps remove accumulated skin secretions, dust, dirt and make-up.
 Always apply scalp cleanser on the hair with lukewarm water. It will totally remove your dandruff from hair. Over all the quality of product is good.

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