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Richfeel Green Apple Shampoo

Richfeel Green Apple Shampoo


Description of product

Richfeel Green Apple Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Green Apple & is perfect for dry, damaged & lifeless hair. It retains hair moisture & makes hair look lustrous. Bring your hair alive with Richfeel Green Apple Shampoo. Apply shampoo on wet hair, keep it for 2 minutes & rinse with water. Repeat if required. Apply Richfeel Conditioner after shampooing. Available in 100 ml and 500 ml
  It gives a restoring dry and dull hair
  It helps in controlling hair damage
  It gives your hair essential nourishment
  The fruit is a powerful natural remedy for strengthening your tresses and helps repair dry, damaged and lifeless hair.
 Apply shampoo on wet hair and keep it for 2 mins and rinse with water. You will see your hair will restore with dry to silky and soft.

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