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Richfeel Aroma Oil For Dandruff | 100ml

Richfeel Aroma Oil For Dandruff | 100ml


Description of product

RICHFEEL oil for dandruff with goodness of Eycalyptus, grape seed and rosemary. For optimal results, apply it on the hair, & scalp &; massage with circular motions.
 * Key features
 * It extremely effective to control dandruff.
 * it also tones the scalp.
 * reduces the visibility of flakes, gives nourishses the scalp.
 * The oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which is vital for hair growth.
 * Rosemary oil- oil is a healing herb with antioxidants that help prevent hair loss and other problems like itchy scalp.
 * The natural oils deeply condition the scalp.
 * Apply on your scalp
 * Gently massage the oil into your scalp
 * Wash after a few hours wash out the oil.

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